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We analyze your environment and processes, and identify improvements to make your business more successful.


We explore new and innovative ways to solve problems, thus, sharpening your competitive edge.


Iteratively, we translate your business needs and ideas to tangible products.

What We Do

Software Engineering

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GDPR Compliance

Cloud Migration

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Performance Optimization


How We Work

Continuous Everything

We deliver production-ready, usable software in short intervals creating fast-feedback loops and maximum transparency.

You should use iterative development only on projects that you want to succeed.

Martin Fowler, Chief Scientist, ThoughtWorks


Measure what matters, and draw conclusions from data, that is how to continuously improve.

Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine.

Peter Sondergaard, Executive VP, Gartner


Build just enough to add value, deliver it to the user, get feedback, and repeat. Do this as often as possible.

Simplicity carried to the extreme becomes elegance.

Jon Franklin, Science Writer


We build projects for the long run. Quality conscious processes and methods, like Automated Testing and Static Code Analysis go without question.

The only way to go fast, is to go well.

Robert C. Martin, Author of Clean Code

Our Toolbox

All Platforms

We build applications for all platforms.






Years of experience implementing reusable APIs that work for all platforms.





API Orchestration


We make unstructured data discoverable.




Machine Learning / AI

Broad expertise with production ready machine learning algorithms.



Deep Learning

Sentiment Analysis

Cloud Technologies

Set up secure cloud environments for critical data.

GCP, AWS, Azure...




Big Data

Well-versed with handling of large amounts of data.


Automatic Scaling

Data Mining

Stream Processing

Lambda Architecture

Our Track Record


We came up with the idea for Erste Group's online banking platform George and evolved it from a prototype to a banking platform for millions of people around Europe.

Together with BeeOne, now George-Labs, and Erste Group we developed and launched George — Europe’s most exceptional online banking platform — to millions of demanding customers. George is immense in all directions: from data protection and security considerations, over peak load times to data processing throughput during (quarterly/yearly) closing of accounts.

George combines up to date technology with a progressive, cross-functional, team on top of stable and proven Software. Together we went from no team to a team of several hundred people.

Mostly AI

We teamed up with Mostly AI, the hottest data crunching company in our area, to launch a cloud native Demo of their GENERATE solution.

We took over the customer-facing part of the offering, ensuring performance, a convenient user interface, and security.

Mostly AI uses state-of-the art machine learning techniques to synthesize privacy-critical data, which is now available at your fingertips through the SaaS solution we built together.

Schramm Öhler Rechtsanwälte

Together with ÖBB-BCC and Schramm Öhler Attorneys, we implemented an application that increases the efficiency of tendering procedures.

The software enables an administrator to assemble forms using a simple user interface and to connect each form with an uploaded MS Word-file containing placeholders. Users can then fill out these forms to retrieve dynamically generates MS Word-files as a starting point for their work.

Alles Clara is a platform to help people caring for a friend, a relative, a partner. With Alles Clara, we bring together professional consultants from various disciplines (care, psychology, community work) to help those who help.

Alles Clara is a real-time chat solution enhanced with tools and wizards to make the consultation fast and friction-less. We partnered up with TwoNext to provide a great technical foundation and kick-start the project as quickly and light-weight as possible.

Most importantly, though, Alles Clara takes extra care to protect the data of the most vulnerable, the patients being cared for. Alles Clara implements an elaborate cryptographic concept to allow communicate freely, safely, without the worry about anyones prying eyes.

Opinion Tracker

With our friends over at Datenwerk, we developed a media-monitoring system, crunching terabytes of unstructured data into analytics, data, and finally insight.

We employ every trick of the trade, with a nice mix of technologies to deliver a cost-effective and scalable system to track and analyze public opinion about just about anything.

Together with TwoNext, Vienna’s leading digital-social/social-digital inclusion hub, we worked hard to get the benefits of high-tech to the people who need help the most.

We enable NGOs to enter digital product development, and stand in to transfer targeted know-how for autonomous development in the future. The list of participants include Austrian charities like Caritas, Volkshilfe, and Lebenshilfe, but also international ones like Narko-Ne from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Besides that, we teamed up with TwoNext to improve the situation of caregivers in Austria and the DACH region, going from concept, verification, and development to full rollout and business development.

Together with our friends at Viable, we planned and implemented Raiffeisen Bausparkasse's new Online Wohnfinanzierung.

The online flow allows mortgage seekers to apply for their mortgages fully digital, without ever visiting a branch. Advisors are always available via chat and video calls for individual requests and support throughout the user journey.

With our experience in quality Software Engineering and FinTech, we laid a solid foundation for the product. But we didn’t stop there, and grew the product based on customer feedback in an agile manner.

In the end, we didn't just improve the customer satisfaction, but also integrated a modern API architecture into a complex digital landscape.

We helped GitLab to lower the cost and improve the performance and quality of their code search.

We identified tweaks to reduce the size of their search indices and to improve the performance and quality of their queries.

Erste Group

Together with Erste Hub, we accelerated the digital transformation of one of the leading banks in the CEE (Central and Eastern Europe) area.

We helped to shape the culture of the digital innovation company, BeeOne, encouraging people to take charge and drive innovation with courageous ideas.

During our time at Erste Hub, we saw hundreds of ideas, prototypes, and even product launches come and go; the most prominent achievement being George.


Our topic extraction, and automated tagging framework, Fabric, helped big media companies such as Kronen Zeitung or Die Presse to optimize and streamline their articles.

Through automated tagging via NLP (Natural Language Processing), we create topic clusters and compile dossier pages for any topic with a significant set of articles.

Automated linking with external sources, like Wikipedia, is also an excellent feature helping journalists to categorize and gather information quickly.


We helped to build and establish friendseek as the largest social network for recreational activities in the german-speaking market.

In collaboration with Synexit, we built a platform that helps to bring people together for recreational activities. They organize in communities and find each other by searching for people having similar interests as themselves.

By now the platform is also known under the names spontacts.com and gemeinsamerleben.com.

Zeppelin University

Each semester, thousands of students and hundreds of staff members at Zeppelin University used our semantic document management system — Collaboration — to collaborate and coordinate.

Besides basic document management, our Software enriched each entry with extracted data and links articles automatically by topics. A flexible semi-structured cataloging system helped users to find any piece of required information quickly and intuitively.

Our Product


We are the creators of qloud.network. A service that makes it incredibly easy to put an authentication flow in front of any website.

  • E-Mail and Password

    Plus e-mail verification and password reset flows.

  • Third-Party Identity Providers

    Such as Google or Facebook.

  • Easy as Pie to Integrate

    No need to study OAuth 2.0. Just a JSON Web Token to validate.

  • Customizable Appearance

    Use your own logo and colors.

  • User Consent

    Link to your Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

  • And a lot more

    Custom domains, GDPR-compliant, SSL management, HTTP/2, etc.

Qloud is currently available free of charge as a public beta version. We would love to hear your feedback, so incorporate it into the product and make it your favorite authentication service!

Qloud Console
Qloud Login Page

The Team

We are a team of experienced IT professionals with different areas of expertise. We have been working together for years, some of us even decades. All of us are capable software developers that do not only ship code, but working products. We are a self-sufficient team, covering every aspect of a Software project — from agile project management to continuous delivery.

Michael Jakl

Michael Jakl

Founder & Managing Partner
Thomas Hammerl

Thomas Hammerl

Product Engineer
Martin Prebio

Martin Prebio

FinTech Developer

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