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Michael Schuster

Managing Partner

Michael worked on the next generation of online banking and built the first commercial blog-hoster in Europe. His academic background in Computer Science and Economics and Business Administration enables him to work effectively with startup teams and founders to get their product ready for prime time, address customers early in the life cycle and build outstanding teams.


Michael Jakl


Michael is an experienced Software engineer with a history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled with Java/Kotlin, Software development, (big-)data, and Elasticsearch. Michael received his doctorate in Computer Science from Technische Universität Wien in 2010.

Michael loves tinkering with data and mining it for nuggets of insight using visualization techniques and advanced data processing pipelines.


Thomas Hammerl


Thomas is a highly skilled Software engineer with a strong focus on holistic design and architecture. For Thomas, understanding and defining the customer value before doing anything technical is key.

Thomas is an expert in all things Java/Kotlin, besides all things back-end, Thomas has also a knack for professional front-end development and is able to define even the most complex problem in digestible increments.

He received his diploma from Technische Universität Wien in 2009 and has been doing professional Software projects since then.