Erste Group Bank AG

Together with Erste Hub, we accelerated the digital transformation of one of the leading banks in the CEE (Central and Eastern Europe) area. We helped to shape the culture of the digital innovation company, BeeOne, encouraging people to take charge and drive innovation with courageous ideas.

During our time at Erste Hub, we saw hundreds of ideas, prototypes, and even product launches come and go; the most prominent achievement being George.


Together with BeeOne, now George-Labs, and Erste Group we developed and launched George — Europe’s most exceptional online banking platform — to millions of demanding customers. George is immense in all directions: from data protection and security considerations, over peak load times to data processing throughput during (quarterly/yearly) closing of accounts.

George combines up to date technology with a progressive, cross-functional, team on top of stable and proven Software. Together we went from no team to a team of several hundred people.



Datenwerk Innovationsagentur

With our friends over at Datenwerk GmbH, we developed a media-monitoring system, crunching terabytes of unstructured data into analytics, data, and finally insight. We employ every trick of the trade, with a nice mix of technologies to deliver a cost-effective and scalable system to track and analyze public opinion about just about anything.

Synexit GmbH

Social media is here to stay, but this does not mean that people don’t leave their homes and engage with each other. With friendseek, we helped to build Austria’s leading platform to find friends to do sports, hiking, or any other activity that requires a group of like-minded people.

Building a platform that’s engaging and valuable to many people, especially bootstrapping such a platform, is not easy, Synexit was able to successfully complete that stunt with friendseek.



Zeppelin Universität

Our semantic document management system — Collaboration — is held in high esteem at Zeppelin Universität, each semester, thousands of students and hundreds of staff members use our system to collaborate and coordinate.

Besides basic document management, our Software enriches each entry with extracted data and links articles automatically by topics. A flexible semi-structured cataloging system helps users to find any piece of required information quickly and intuitively.

Media Partners

Our topic extraction, and automated tagging framework, Fabric, helps big media companies to optimize and streamline their articles. Through automated tagging via NLP (Natural Language Processing), we create topic clusters and compile dossier pages for any topic with a significant set of articles.

Automated linking with external sources, like Wikipedia, is also an excellent feature helping journalists to categorize and gather information quickly.


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